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A game about the struggle to have a conversation while also stuffing your face with food.

You are at an all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant. You're hungry, and you just want to do nothing but chow down. 

But you're here with a friend, and you don't want it to seem like you're only here to eat! 

Can you manage to keep up a conversation while cooking and filling your belly?


  • Cook delicious meat, veggies, and tofu in a tasty broth until they're just right!
  • Multitask your way through three meals! You'll be cooking and eating while keeping up a conversation with your friend. Make sure she never figures out you're really just here for the food...
  • You get to direct the convo, but make sure you're ready to keep up with your friend's comments - she'll ask you what you thought about what she said later, and if you don't get it right, things could get ~*awkward*~


  • WS or Arrow keys to look up and down
  • Mouse or trackpad (mouse recommended!) to cook / eat


  • Developed by Keane Ng (@keanerie)
  • Featuring music and sound by Michael Berto (Paws Menu) 
  • Playtested by people I've eaten hot pot with who I have not alienated with my plainly food-obsessed behavior

A note for Mac users:  If you’re running the game on Catalina it may take a few extra steps to get it running. See the comments section below for troubleshooting if you run into issues. Be sure to try using the Itch app to run the game (thanks Jennythewatt for pointing this out!).

As Seen On!

Rock Paper Shotgun: "...playing it has made me very hungry, so I’m off to go raid my fridge first."

PC Gamer:  "... the arse-tightening tension of Hot Hot Panic, a game about trying to hold a conversation while stuffing your face with meat and potatoes."

Waypoint: "This game scratches two very important itches for me: time management mechanics, and the aesthetics of delicious animated food. Also, it’s a great excuse out of any friend dates you may have coming up...just saying."

The Verge:  "...it manages to take the fairly universal social situation of trying to talk and eat at the same time, and turn it into a clever and fun game."

Warp Door

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(242 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsComedy, Cooking, First-Person, Food, Funny, Life Simulation, Lo-fi, Low-poly, Singleplayer


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a game made for letsgameitout probably

such a cute game :D


i honestly didn't want it to end. this was so much fun!!

One of my favorite puzzle-food games!

This was a fun title! Not terribly difficult, but I enjoyed the premise and the dialogue. Would play this again as a time-killing puzzle game. :)

I loved your game! It made me hungry as well! 

makes me hungry

Very nice game indeed! ~ never have eaten so much in my life while trying to keep my attention on me friend.

This was a neat game with a very relatable premise. Figuring out the right timing for cooking was a fun challenge and the friend's chatter was actually pretty entertaining. The only unfortunate side effect was that I really want to go for all-you-can-eat hot pot now and I don't think there's any in my area. Life is cruel like that.

This was fun!

Great game! Just the right amount of challenge, and satisfying to virtually eat. Good training for eating hotpot buffet with a friend...

Really really enjoyed this game. When it ended I was only wanting more. The graphics are cute. If this was to be made longer, further distractions would add to this already fun experiences. 


This game was really fun! Definitely would love to see a continuation of this. Maybe more distractions such as the waiter taking your order or a crying baby whose screams cover up your friend's dialogue lol. Great job!

thanks for playing!!

I had a nice time playing this game!

glad to hear it!

Looks really cute! My computer won’t open it and refuses to let me override it, but sounds like a fun game.

Ah sorry to hear that - are you trying to play on Mac?

I am, yeah. No worries! I have access soon to a PC so I will get to try it soon enough <3

Nice! PC will definitely work, since the Mac version has some extra steps to get it to run, there are some options posted further down in the older comments. The easiest option is probably to just use the Itch app.

0/10 no dipping sauce, see me after class

(this game is short and sweet)

It took me about 13 minutes to clear the game, and while it is short it is very fun! The graphics are very endearing, I love the sounds the hot pot makes when its done cooking, and it has a decent level of difficulty! I recommend giving it a shot! 

Cute game! Difficulty was just right and three meals is a good number. I was worried that her stories were going to get longer and longer and span into several speech bubbles but thankfully didn't.

Thanks for playing! Glad it felt right to you.

Very cool concept


adorable lol 

Cute little game, It's an easy and difficult game at the same time


Quick, but pretty cool!


Nice and short, was fun to play.

(1 edit) (+1)

Fun game! Had fun playing and recording it. Some of the dialogue options are pretty funny too. Game design, graphics, and sound design is good. Small game, but it was a pleasure to play.

Good stuff, dev! Looking forward for more projects.

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan

Thank you!


10/10 best meal lol!


This game is hilarious, great job! I have beaten it several times and I have talked about it in a video for the YouTube channel of the Spanish podcast VdeVideojuegos, to make it reach as many people as possible. Cheer up for the following projects!


Such a fun little game! I believe it taught me how to look for keywords so I don't let my food go cold... Amazingly yummy art style and cute concept! Definitely recommend it <3


thanks for playing!


This was cute and really captured the light-hearted panic that comes with eating and talking at the same time!


glad you liked it!


Hey! Would it be okay to play this game on a live stream? (Twitch)


oh yeah, of course go for it

Fun and a never seen before game. I miss going out for hot pot XD


same, i can't wait to have it again

Really cute and wonderful game very much recommend.


Deleted 1 year ago

thanks for playing!

LOVE this game so much, it's honestly genius!!! If you ever do an expansion, I would love some higher stakes conversations. Imagine the funny-sad potential of a breakup conversation while trying to eat hotpot....!!!

i've had some similar ideas stored away if i ever decide to do a follow-up to this. there are a lot of fun potential scenarios...



This was really fun. It made me miss going out for hot pot with friends but that just means I'm going to have to make it at home and pretend... where I don't have to have any conversation at all!

i miss it too!

This game really perfectly encapsulates how i feel going out to get buffet/freeflow hotpot with my friends, especially since now I can't do that anymore HAHA. Anyway, this game was pretty well-balanced and very enjoyable! Thanks for making this!

glad you liked it!

My friend watched as I stuffed my face with enough food for three people and had the audacity to interrupt me for conversation... In protest I ate enough for five people.

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