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Okay, at first this game seems easy but after a few minutes it gets challenging to the point in which my partner and I started arguing the strategy of winning the round.

Fun and tense game. Did not expect the dialogue to be difficult for each new round. 

Makes me rethink how I need to pay attention during a conversation.

Highly recommend for people who like puzzle games.

this made me so hungry

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wicked hungry?? thanks for playing!

Pretty fun little game. I feel like it's a bit too much on rails as I can't seem to be able to prompt the conversation to make some kind of strategy, and could only talk when the game told me I should. Also clicking seems to be off? Like when I started to run low on an item it just wouldn't go if I clicked on it, like I had to find the sweet spot for the last itemto finally click. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Fun little game! it's the first one I played in my indie romp

I absolutely loved this. The art style was really appealing, and the simple mechanics just made it work. Great work :D

glad you liked it! 

Neat and relatable concept, and I like how the gameplay supports it. Usually I have no problem talking and eating with friends, so the game was frustrating at times when I failed. But this puts me in the shoes of someone who maybe does have trouble making conversation, or if it's an awkward conversation, or someone who is worried/anxious about the other person getting up and leaving (even though they actually wouldn't).

What is the name for this art style if there is one?

I'm not sure if there is a name used commonly yet, but maybe there is and nobody told me. There are certainly catchy ways you could describe it, like PS1-esque or PS1core or something like that.

Amazing little game i loved it the whole time i played it. Great job!!!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun.

2nd game I played it was fun and a slight bit challenging but I had to just keep my cool.

Definitely an interesting game! haha Too many times I filled the pot with food and either overcooked it, or missed what my 'friend' was saying :] I had a fun time challenging myself though…….time to hit the fridge!

Great work! 


Fun litle time waster. really enjoyed playing it.


Cute little game I like the whole dating simulator vibe, honestly I played a game that reminded me of this, think it was a hand simulator, btw I got hungry playing, that food on the table THO -drool- Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play this game!  :D

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thanks for playing and for creating your vid! 

loved the game! wondering is there any plans for future with the game such as more levels, maybe harder difficulty levels or?

thanks! no, no plans right now. a few people have suggested more levels with different food though lol

Sweet let me know!

Hey there! I played your game and it was a great time! (I'm also kinda hungry now!) I made a video with my commentary and experiences! Keep up the great work!


thanks for playing! fun to watch you get the hang of the game and hear your commentary on the dialogue.

though i'm mostly just glad i could make you hungry