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This was really fun. It made me miss going out for hot pot with friends but that just means I'm going to have to make it at home and pretend... where I don't have to have any conversation at all!


This game really perfectly encapsulates how i feel going out to get buffet/freeflow hotpot with my friends, especially since now I can't do that anymore HAHA. Anyway, this game was pretty well-balanced and very enjoyable! Thanks for making this!

glad you liked it!

My friend watched as I stuffed my face with enough food for three people and had the audacity to interrupt me for conversation... In protest I ate enough for five people.

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Different style

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this game is so cozy and fun 11/10

This is an enjoyable little game. I love the sizzling food sounds and it made me hungry. I liked how there was a challenge but it wasn't too difficult, even as the rounds progressed. There was a nice variety of dialogue options too. I was a bit worried they'd be the same for each round which would get boring really quickly, and it was interesting enough that I actually wanted to listen to the other person and not just stuff my face. 

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What a neat little game! I like the self-awareness 

Do not say

Meal only

This is really fun to play. I enjoyed this frustrating conversation with my friend. Nice!

Nice simple game! I enjoyed it

i played your  game, the graphics were like ps1 so i like it, can you make it so when you press mouse button or space the text goes faster


I would play the game if I could. I downloaded it on Mac and it won't let me play so please help me I really wanna play


Buy a windows pc

An interesting game 

Always wanted to go to a hotpot and this game made me curious enough to play it. And boy did it not dissapoint! It was a super fun game to play and was super funny! The mechanics and the story unfolding really went together well and made it an amazing and fun game! Loved timing the food and how you can't put too much, which balances out everything. And the art style was great! I loved the way the character and the food looked like, it was a very adorable looking art. The stories and interactions between the player and the other character were good too; short and funny and hence helped balance out the mechanic of looking up and down to feed yourself and talk to the other person. 

Overall a really great game and makes me want to try hotpot more! Good luck for future projects and keep up the amazing work! (Sorry about the recording error by the way, my video does not make the game justice.)

 M M M M M

its really good

game good

thanks threedsboy

This was a really cute little game, and now I'm hungry! Thank you for sharing!

thanks for playing!

Haha funny, simple game! The art style and sound design is very cute and charming. It ended up being a little challenging but once I got the rhythm of cook/eat/listen/talk down I really felt like a hot pot conversation master! And my friend is none the wise :>

glad you enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed because it was challenging! I hope to see more games from you! 

had a little chuckle at "25 minutes later".

thanks for playing and making a video!

i am working on more stuff - follow me here or on twitter to keep up :)

hey! i really want to play but the dimensions isn't right for my laptop / i don't see anywhere i can fix that? any tips for changing that on a mac?
(sorry i'm pretty low-tech and not sure how to change it!)

thanks for checking out the game!

so, it should display in fullscreen with the game area in the middle and black bars on either side. that's by design, and how it should work. hopefully it's what you're seeing.

if not, could you take a screenshot (press SHIFT + COMMAND + 3) and post it here so i could see what you're getting? my ability to test on Mac right now is limited but i'll do my best to help troubleshoot. thanks!

I now crave food...even though I just ate about two hours ago,


a very adorable, fun and enjoyable game, balancing your need of food and the bare minimum to communicate with your friends. Love the change up in the final level.

thanks for playing :)


Quick and easy game with a fun concept! I've certainly been the friend in this scenario before, so it's hilarious to be on the other side. What a stressful (but fun) situation!


i'm not ashamed to admit i'm usually the one doing the eating in this scenario! but i think i'm a pretty good eater + listener + talker, at least i've never gotten any complaints from my friends otherwise. thanks for playing!


Funny little game for food lovers who doesn't want to lose their friends because they're too focused on eating..


Conversations were well written and the food looked tasty! The audio cue for the food being done made it a bit too easy for me, but I don't think this was meant to be a super difficult experience anyway. If there was no audio cue and I had to look up to answer instead of it auto-prompting me would be how I'd make it more of a challenge...but it felt like a night out with a friend while having mild social anxiety, and I liked that haha.


you're right, it's not meant to be that hard or anything, i mostly wanted it to be engaging enough but still very much a pleasant, playable experience. thanks for playing and leaving a comment.


Cant play the mac version and I really want to ;o;

hi, thanks for trying it out! i'm guessing you're trying to run the game on Catalina? if this is the case you can try some workarounds to get it running.

1) unzip the file

2) right-click the file and click "Show Package Contents"

3) open the "MacOS" folder. there should be a file in there called hot_pot_panic_osx_1. keep this Finder window open.

4) now, open up a Terminal window. you can do this by hitting command + space, searching for Terminal and running the Terminal app

5) in the Terminal window type the command "chmod +x" and then drag the hot_pot_panic_osx_1 file into the terminal window. that should fill in a filepath into the command line (the filepath shows where the game file is located). 

6) hit enter in Terminal to run that command. if you get an error, make sure there's a space between the filepath and the "chmod +x" part.

7) now when you go to open the game, it should launch. if it doesn't, right click (or two-finger click) on it and then open from there. there may be some permissions you need to grant, but it should hopefully run.

thanks for wanting to give the game a shot and sorry for the inconvenience here, i know this could be a headache. this issue is due to some changes apple made with app distribution in Catalina. please let me know if you have any issues and i hope you enjoy the game!

For other Catalina users who read this: I'm running Catalina and I've gotten problem games to run by downloading and launching them from the Itch app, instead of the website. Just tested with this game and it works!

That’s great! Thanks for sharing - i’ll add this to the notes at the top of the page. 

This game is way fun and very simple with very simple design i love ps1 kind of graphics my only problem is that its a bit too easy unless thats what you were going for (which i highly doubt) i think a way to make it a little harder would be to seperate part of the text so it would be harder to gather all the information and respond also give more options so its harder to find the right response that would increse the difficult way more in my opinion but other than the difficulty i like this game can be very addicting perhaps.

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thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback - some things to take on board if i ever do a similar game for sure.

(oh boy this made me hungry)

This was really fun to play! It was really amusing, seeing as I'm usually that one friend who talks a lot and has no problem conversing (especially while eating, lmao)

putting it this way really makes me wonder if the rest of my friends feel this way when I'm talking to them (qwq)

I'm a huge fan of the art style too! I enjoyed playing this :)

Okay, at first this game seems easy but after a few minutes it gets challenging to the point in which my partner and I started arguing the strategy of winning the round.

Fun and tense game. Did not expect the dialogue to be difficult for each new round. 

Makes me rethink how I need to pay attention during a conversation.

Highly recommend for people who like puzzle games.

this made me so hungry

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wicked hungry?? thanks for playing!

Pretty fun little game. I feel like it's a bit too much on rails as I can't seem to be able to prompt the conversation to make some kind of strategy, and could only talk when the game told me I should. Also clicking seems to be off? Like when I started to run low on an item it just wouldn't go if I clicked on it, like I had to find the sweet spot for the last itemto finally click. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Fun little game! it's the first one I played in my indie romp

I absolutely loved this. The art style was really appealing, and the simple mechanics just made it work. Great work :D

glad you liked it! 


Neat and relatable concept, and I like how the gameplay supports it. Usually I have no problem talking and eating with friends, so the game was frustrating at times when I failed. But this puts me in the shoes of someone who maybe does have trouble making conversation, or if it's an awkward conversation, or someone who is worried/anxious about the other person getting up and leaving (even though they actually wouldn't).

What is the name for this art style if there is one?

I'm not sure if there is a name used commonly yet, but maybe there is and nobody told me. There are certainly catchy ways you could describe it, like PS1-esque or PS1core or something like that.

Amazing little game i loved it the whole time i played it. Great job!!!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun.

2nd game I played it was fun and a slight bit challenging but I had to just keep my cool.

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