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Really really enjoyed this game. When it ended I was only wanting more. The graphics are cute. If this was to be made longer, further distractions would add to this already fun experiences. 


This game was really fun! Definitely would love to see a continuation of this. Maybe more distractions such as the waiter taking your order or a crying baby whose screams cover up your friend's dialogue lol. Great job!

thanks for playing!!

I had a nice time playing this game!

glad to hear it!

Looks really cute! My computer won’t open it and refuses to let me override it, but sounds like a fun game.

Ah sorry to hear that - are you trying to play on Mac?

I am, yeah. No worries! I have access soon to a PC so I will get to try it soon enough <3

Nice! PC will definitely work, since the Mac version has some extra steps to get it to run, there are some options posted further down in the older comments. The easiest option is probably to just use the Itch app.

0/10 no dipping sauce, see me after class

(this game is short and sweet)

It took me about 13 minutes to clear the game, and while it is short it is very fun! The graphics are very endearing, I love the sounds the hot pot makes when its done cooking, and it has a decent level of difficulty! I recommend giving it a shot! 

Cute game! Difficulty was just right and three meals is a good number. I was worried that her stories were going to get longer and longer and span into several speech bubbles but thankfully didn't.

Thanks for playing! Glad it felt right to you.

Very cool concept


adorable lol 

Cute little game, It's an easy and difficult game at the same time


Quick, but pretty cool!


Nice and short, was fun to play.

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Fun game! Had fun playing and recording it. Some of the dialogue options are pretty funny too. Game design, graphics, and sound design is good. Small game, but it was a pleasure to play.

Good stuff, dev! Looking forward for more projects.

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan

Thank you!


10/10 best meal lol!


This game is hilarious, great job! I have beaten it several times and I have talked about it in a video for the YouTube channel of the Spanish podcast VdeVideojuegos, to make it reach as many people as possible. Cheer up for the following projects!


Such a fun little game! I believe it taught me how to look for keywords so I don't let my food go cold... Amazingly yummy art style and cute concept! Definitely recommend it <3


thanks for playing!


This was cute and really captured the light-hearted panic that comes with eating and talking at the same time!


glad you liked it!


Hey! Would it be okay to play this game on a live stream? (Twitch)


oh yeah, of course go for it

Fun and a never seen before game. I miss going out for hot pot XD


same, i can't wait to have it again

Really cute and wonderful game very much recommend.



This is such a clever and creative idea for a stealth game! I loved it. I felt so bad ignoring my friend though xD

thanks for playing!

LOVE this game so much, it's honestly genius!!! If you ever do an expansion, I would love some higher stakes conversations. Imagine the funny-sad potential of a breakup conversation while trying to eat hotpot....!!!

i've had some similar ideas stored away if i ever decide to do a follow-up to this. there are a lot of fun potential scenarios...



This was really fun. It made me miss going out for hot pot with friends but that just means I'm going to have to make it at home and pretend... where I don't have to have any conversation at all!

i miss it too!

This game really perfectly encapsulates how i feel going out to get buffet/freeflow hotpot with my friends, especially since now I can't do that anymore HAHA. Anyway, this game was pretty well-balanced and very enjoyable! Thanks for making this!

glad you liked it!

My friend watched as I stuffed my face with enough food for three people and had the audacity to interrupt me for conversation... In protest I ate enough for five people.

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Different style

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this game is so cozy and fun 11/10

This is an enjoyable little game. I love the sizzling food sounds and it made me hungry. I liked how there was a challenge but it wasn't too difficult, even as the rounds progressed. There was a nice variety of dialogue options too. I was a bit worried they'd be the same for each round which would get boring really quickly, and it was interesting enough that I actually wanted to listen to the other person and not just stuff my face. 

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What a neat little game! I like the self-awareness 

Do not say

Meal only

This is really fun to play. I enjoyed this frustrating conversation with my friend. Nice!

Nice simple game! I enjoyed it

i played your  game, the graphics were like ps1 so i like it, can you make it so when you press mouse button or space the text goes faster


I would play the game if I could. I downloaded it on Mac and it won't let me play so please help me I really wanna play


Buy a windows pc

An interesting game 

Always wanted to go to a hotpot and this game made me curious enough to play it. And boy did it not dissapoint! It was a super fun game to play and was super funny! The mechanics and the story unfolding really went together well and made it an amazing and fun game! Loved timing the food and how you can't put too much, which balances out everything. And the art style was great! I loved the way the character and the food looked like, it was a very adorable looking art. The stories and interactions between the player and the other character were good too; short and funny and hence helped balance out the mechanic of looking up and down to feed yourself and talk to the other person. 

Overall a really great game and makes me want to try hotpot more! Good luck for future projects and keep up the amazing work! (Sorry about the recording error by the way, my video does not make the game justice.)

 M M M M M

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